Meeting of the First Ladies of Poland, Ukraine and Lithuania

20/09/2022 Agata Kornhuauser-Duda, Ołena Zelenska and Diana Nausėdienė met within the Lublin Triangle

The interview of the spouses of the Presidents of Poland, Ukraine and Lithuania took place at the Ukrainian Institute seven months after the beginning of the unprovoked Russian aggression against Ukraine. Agata Kornhauser – Duda, Ołena Zelenska and Diana Nausėdienė expressed the conviction that the meetings within the Lublin Triangle as a format of regional cooperation turned out to be very valuable in the present circumstances. In New York, the ladies talked about the effects of the cooperation so far and future projects, especially in the areas of education of Ukrainian children and youth in Poland and Lithuania, about the reconstruction of schools and the education system in Ukraine. They also raised the issue of training courses for Ukrainian doctors and medical staff conducted by Polish and Lithuanian specialists.

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    Barbara Targońska
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    22 September 2022