Joint Statement of the Foreign Ministers of the Republic of Lithuania, the Republic of Poland and Ukraine on the second anniversary of the Lublin Triangle

On the occasion of the second anniversary of the Lublin Triangle – a trilateral platform for political, economic and social cooperation between the Republic of Lithuania, the Republic of Poland and Ukraine –

we, the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the three states:

Note that the Lublin Triangle has set an example of small alliances’ leading role in ensuring efficient interstate cooperation in the region as well as proved to be effective in assisting the achievement of common goals in the framework of the international organizations and institutions. In the past two years, the Lublin triangle has demonstrated true resilience and ability to meet the most serious challenges to European security. The summits of the Presidents of the Lublin Triangle countries on December 20, 2021, and February 23, 2022, the launch of the dialogue by the heads of governments on March 14, 2022, as well as national coordinators meeting in Lutsk on December 11, 2021, have greatly facilitated the capacity of the cooperation platform.

Highlight the significant input of the Lublin Triangle into the efforts on consolidation of international support for Ukraine in its fight against unprovoked and unjustified war unleashed by the Russian Federation, which is threatening the whole rules-based world order. In this regard, we reiterate our call on the international community to set an ultimate victory over the aggressor as a clear joint goal.

Welcome active military and technical cooperation and express willingness to expand the collaboration between the armed forces of the three states, both in bilateral and trilateral formats, which will envisage exercises at the training camps of the Republic of Lithuania and the Republic of Poland as well as medical treatment and rehabilitation of military personnel of Ukraine’s Armed Forces. Ukraine is grateful to the Republic of Lithuania and the Republic of Poland for providing military assistance, comprehensive humanitarian and financial support that are appreciated as a sincere expression of solidarity, true friendship and brotherhood.

Confirm our unwavering intention to work further on the introduction of restrictive measures against the Russian Federation until the full restoration of Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity within its internationally recognized borders.

Urge the international community to introduce a full oil and gas embargo on Russia, expand individual sanctions against Russian elites and state-owned enterprises, as well as completely cut off Russia from the Western banking system. We note the importance of countering Russia’s attempts to circumvent sanctions and the need to introduce restrictive measures against countries that help the Russian Federation to achieve that. We underscore the importance of transferring Russia’s assets frozen abroad to Ukraine.

Emphasize the unanimity of the Republic of Lithuania, the Republic of Poland and Ukraine regarding the need to hold Russia accountable for the crime of aggression, for war crimes, crimes against humanity and the crime of genocide committed on the territory of Ukraine.

Express our willingness to continue close cooperation within the Lublin Triangle on fostering joint capacities for countering Russian propaganda and further strengthening our societies' resilience to disinformation.

The Republic of Poland and the Republic of Lithuania welcome the decision to grant Ukraine the EU candidate status adopted by the European Council on June 23, 2022, and agree to coordinate efforts to ensure Ukraine's full membership in the EU.  In particular, the Republic of Lithuania and the Republic of Poland reiterate their readiness to provide all necessary assistance to Ukraine in future negotiations on Ukraine's membership in the European Union. Ukraine stresses its determination to take steps in order to fulfill the criteria set out by the European Commission’s opinion on its application for membership of the European Union. Considering the upcoming 2023 NATO Summit in Vilnius, the Republic of Lithuania and the Republic of Poland confirm their readiness to intensify the discussion within the Alliance on inviting Ukraine to negotiate its joining NATO.

The parties intend to cooperate closely to facilitate broad international efforts for the reconstruction of Ukraine with due respect to understanding the significance of successful Ukraine for overall prosperity and stability in the region and the wider Europe.

The Ministers confirm the growing role of the Lublin Triangle as the regional format of cooperation in Central Europe and intend to extend further our security, defense, energy, infrastructure, scientific, cultural and youth cooperation, including the option of involving other interested parties into the implementation of future projects, along the Road Map adopted by Foreign Ministers of the Lublin Triangle in Vilnius in 2021.

 Łukasz Jasina
MFA Spokesperson


    Barbara Targońska
    Date of addition
    28 July 2022