Completion of the project "Legacy of Piłsudski and Petliura. Past, present and the future of partnership between Poland and Ukraine"


On December 15, 2021 Center for Eastern Europe UMCS in cooperation with the Institute of Sciences on Politics and Administration of UMCS, completed the project "Legacy of Piłsudski and Petliura. The past, present and future of the partnership between Poland and Ukraine”; as part of the competition by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland "Public Diplomacy 2021". The main assumptions of the project were:

  1. Promoting the initiative of the "Lublin Triangle".
  2. Supporting the process of subregional integration in Central Europe, including Ukraine.
  3. Supporting dialogue and understanding between the societies of Poland, Lithuania and Ukraine by presenting, among others, positive elements in bilateral and multilateral relations.
  4. Counteracting a false narrative that makes it difficult to build lasting partnerships between public institutions and civic society in the area of mutual relations.
  5. Promoting the Eastern Partnership as an important component of European eastern policy, which contributes to building political and social ties, economic and cultural relations between the European Union and the countries of the Eastern Partnership region.
  6. Popularizing knowledge as part of conference and publishing activities in the field of history, politics, culture and socio-economic affairs of the "Lublin Triangle" countries.
  7. Promoting the formula of the strategic partnership of the Three Nations within the framework of the " Lublin Triangle".

During this project, a series of three international scientific webinars under the common name "Past, present and future Polish-Ukrainian relations in the context of the subjectivity of Central Europe ” was carried out, to which 29 experts from Poland and Ukraine were involved, and a website promoting the idea of the “Lublin Triangle” was established as well as the profile on FB/Facebook.

The main result of the project was the publication of a multi-author monograph written in languages Polish and Ukrainian, entitled: "The legacy of Piłsudski and Petliura. Past, present and the future of partnership between Poland and Ukraine”; edited by W. Baluka, J. Makar and M. Doroszko. The Polish version was published by the UMCS Publishing House, while Ukrainian - by the Nika-Centr publishing house in Kiev. The publication will serve to popularize the legacy of Piłsudski and Petliura and to promote Polish-Ukrainian strategic partnership in Poland and Ukraine.


    Date of addition
    31 January 2022

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