ECOTECH-COMPLEX UMCS Centre among the beneficiaries of the INFRASTARt program

The ECOTECH-COMPLEX UMCS Centre among the beneficiaries of the INFRASTARt Program

Application prepared by the Faculty of Chemistry and the ECOTECH-Complex Centre, Functional nanomaterials and advanced environmentally friendly technologies were included in the list of 16 beneficiaries of the first INFRASTART Program.

The obtained funding will cover the costs of maintaining the infrastructure of the ECOTECH-Complex and the Functional Nanomaterials Centre in 2021-2024, and the amount of funding will be determined based on the rules set out in the Regulations of this competition.

The INFRASTARt Program is addressed to scientific units with research and development (R&D) infrastructure built or rebuilt thanks to the implementation of projects under the 2nd priority of the Innovative Economy Operational Program (POIG), for which co-financing amounted to at least PLN 25,000,000 and through which you can conduct R&D works and provide research services to external entities. Under the Program, research units will receive support for the maintenance of this infrastructure, translating into developing their scientific and commercial activities.

This is the first competition announced in this Program. The total budget allocated to co-financing the implementation of projects selected in this competition is PLN 50,000,000 per year.




    Monika Kusiej
    Date of addition
    6 October 2021