Congratulations to dr hab. Tomasz Kijek, Professor of UMCS

We are happy to announce that dr hab. Tomasz Kijek, Professor of UMCS, was elected the President of the Lublin Branch of the Polish Economic Society.

The Polish Economic Society (PTE) is an independent, professional, nationwide association of economists with practitioners and theoreticians. It was established about the traditions of professional movements of economists in Poland in the 19th century and the Warsaw Association of Economists and Statisticians, as well as Economic Societies operating in Kraków, Poznań and Lviv in the interwar period.

The main goals of the Polish Economic Society are:

  • popularizing economic knowledge in Poland,
  • opinion-forming activity,
  • raising qualifications,
  • integration of the economists' community.

We congratulate the Professor and wish him further success!


    Monika Kusiej
    Date of addition
    4 September 2021