The adressbook

prof. dr hab. Małgorzata Wiśniewska

Telephone number
081 537 55 42
E-mail address
Wednesday at 8.00-10.00, Collegium Chemicum building, room number 512

Personal information

Employment process:

Assistant: 01.09.1999-31.12.2002, Department of Radiochemistry and Colloid Chemistry, Faculty of Chemistry, UMCS

Adjunkt: 01.01.2013-30.09.2014, Department of Radiochemistry and Colloid Chemistry, Faculty of Chemistry, UMCS

Associate Professor: 01.10.2014-31.12.2019, Department of Radiochemistry and Colloid Chemistry, Faculty of Chemistry, UMCS

Professor: 01.01.2020 to date, Department of Radiochemistry and Environmental Chemistry, Institute of Chemical Sciences, Faculty of Chemistry, UMCS



Scientific Activity

Scientific interests:

1. Adsorption of macromolecular compounds on the surface of dispersed solids.
2. Stability of aqueous metal oxide suspensions in the presence of polymeric macromolecules.
3. Surface modifications of solids (metal oxides, soil minerals, activated carbons, zeolites) with adsorption layers of synthetic and natural polymers.
4. The use of solid-polymer composite materials to remove heavy metal ions from aqueous solutions.

The most important publications:

  1. M. Wiśniewska, S. Chibowski, T. Urban - Effect of the presence of cationic polyacrylamide on the surface properties of aqueous alumina suspension - stability mechanism, Applied Surface Science, 320, 843‑851, 2014.
  2. I. Ostolska, M. Wiśniewska - Investigation of the colloidal Cr2O3 removal possibilities from aqueous solution using the ionic polyamino acid block copolymers, Journal of Hazardous Materials, 290, 69‑77, 2015.
  3. K. Szewczuk-Karpisz, M. Wiśniewska, M. Pac-Sosińska, A. Choma, I. Komaniecka - Stability mechanism of the silica suspension in the Sinorhizobium meliloti 1021 exopolysaccharide presence, Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry, 35, 108‑114, 2016.
  4. M. Wiśniewska, P. Nowicki, A. Nosal-Wiercińska, R. Pietrzak, K. Szewczuk‑Karpisz, I. Ostolska, D. Sternik - Adsorption of poly(acrylic acid) on the surface of microporous activated carbon obtained from cherry stones, Colloids and Surfaces A, 514, 137‑145, 2017.
  5. M. Wiśniewska, S. Chibowski, T. Urban, D. Sternik - Studies of anionic dendrimer adsorption mechanism on the zirconium(IV) oxide surface – electrokinetic and thermal properties of nanosized composites, Journal of Molecular Liquids, 246, 25‑31, 2017.
  6. M. Wiśniewska, G. Fijałkowska, I. Ostolska, W. Franus, A. Nosal-Wiercińska, B. Tomaszewska, J. Goscianska, G. Wójcik - Investigations of the possibility of lithium acquisition from geothermal water using natural and synthetic zeolites applying poly(acrylic acid), Journal of Cleaner Production, 195, 821-830, 2018.
  7. M. Wiśniewska, S. Chibowski, T. Urban, K. Terpiłowski - Investigations of chromium(III) oxide removal from the aqueous suspension using the mixed flocculant composed of anionic and cationic polyacrylamides, Journal of Hazardous Materials, 368, 378-385, 2019.
  8. K. Szewczuk-Karpisz, M. Wiśniewska, P. Nowicki, P. Oleszczuk - Influence of protein internal stability on its removal mechanism from aqueous solutions using eco-friendly horsetail herb-based engineered biochar, Chemical Engineering Journal, 388, 124156, 2020.