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dr. habil. Aleksandra Szcześ

Telephone number
+ 48 81 537 77 47/ + 48 81 537 50 60
E-mail address
Faculty of Chemistry
M.C.-Sklodowska Sq. 3/114
Tuesday 11.45-13.15

Doctoral School of Quantitative and Natural Sciences
Veteranów 18, second floor, room 5
Wednesday 10.00-11.30


plac. M. Curie-Skłodowskiej 3/114
20-031 Lublin

Personal information


Scientific interests

Colloid and interface science, nanomaterials, biomaterials, drug delivery systems, adsorption, wastewater treatment


  • Physical chemistry – theory and laboratory practice
  • Physicochemical phenomena at interfaces – theory and laboratory practice
  • Physicochemical phenomena at interfaces in biological systems – theory and laboratory practice
  • Physicochemical phenomena of surfactants and biosurfactants –laboratory practice
  • Chemistry of cosmetic materials - theory

Scientific Activity

Selected scientific publications

A. Sęk, P. Perczyk, P. Wydro, W.I. Gruszecki, A. Szcześ. Effect of trace amounts of ionic surfactants on the zeta potential of DPPC liposomes. Chem. Phys. Lipids 235 (2021) 105059.

M. Kalbarczyk, A. Szcześ and D.Sternik. The preparation of calcium phosphate adsorbent from natural calcium resource and its application for copper ion removal. Environ Sci Pollut Res 28 (2021) 1725–1733.

A. Szcześ, Y. Yan, E. Chibowski, L. Hołysz, M. Banach. Thin-layer wicking method for surface free energy determination of natural and synthetic hydroxyapatite. App. Surf. Sci. 434 (2018)1232–1238.

A. Szcześ, L. Hołysz, E. Chibowski. Synthesis of hydroxyapatite for biomedical applications. Adv. Colloid Interfac. 249 (2017) 321-330.

M. Czemierska, A. Szcześ, L. Hołysz, A. Wiater, A. Jarosz-Wilkołazka, Characterisation of exopolymer R-202 isolated from Rhodococcus rhodochrous and its flocculating properties. Eur. Polymer J. 88 (2017) 21-33.

R. Dobrowolski, A. Szcześ, M. Czemierska, A. Jarosz-Wilkołazka. Studies of cadmium(II), lead(II), nickel(II), cobalt(II) and chromium(VI) sorption on extracellular polymeric substances produced by Rhodococcus opacus and Rhodococcus rhodochrous. Bioresource Technol.225 (2017) 113-120.

A. Szcześ, M. Czemierska, A. Jarosz-Wilkołazka. Calcium carbonate formation on mica supported extracellular polymeric substance produced by Rhodococcus opacus. J. Solid State Chem. 242 (2016) 212-221.


Recent research projects
- 2010-2013 ‘Comprehensive research into the physicochemical properties of lipid cell membranes and their liposomes’ Role on project: co-investigator

- 2013-2016 ‘Acquisition of polysaccharides from Rhodococcus strain and comprehensive study of their use as bioflocculants, biosorbents, as well as to control mineralization process’ Role on project: Principal Investigator.

- 2016-2019 ‘Verification of the mechanisms of the influence of magnetic field on water and aqueous solution of selected electrolytes in aspect of the calcium carbonate deposition on heating equipments.’ Role on project: co-investigator


Supervisor of PhD students

- Y. Yan ’Investigation of implants in aspect of their adhesion to biological materials‘ (defended in 2017)
- M. Kalbarczyk ’Synthesis and characterization of adsorbents from agricultural waste’ - in progress
- A. Sęk ‘The electrokinetic properties of model biological membranes‘ - in progress


A member of Editorial Board in the journal Colloids and Interfaces and Advances in Colloid and Interface Science

Guest Editor of a special issue of Colloids and Surfaces A

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