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dr Anna Sasak-Okoń

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czwartki: 10.00-12.00 na platformie MS-Teams po wcześniejszym umówieniu się (email lub czat MSTeams). Możliwe także inne terminy - do ustalenia.

Działalność naukowa

ORCID: 0000-0002-4593-120X

Publikacje naukowe:

  1. Anna Sasak-Okoń, Marek TudrujSpeculative query execution in RDBMS based on analysis of query stream multigraphs. IDEAS 2020.
  2. Anna Sasak-Okoń, Marek Tudruj, Applying distributed application global states monitoring to speculative query processing in RDBMS, ISPDC 2020
  3. Anna Sasak-Okoń, Modifying Queries Strategy for Graph-Based Speculative Query Execution for RDBMS., PPAM 2019
  4. Anna Sasak-Okoń, Marek Tudruj, Graph-Based Speculative Query Execution in Relational Databases. ISPDC 2017
  5. Anna Sasak-Okoń, Marek Tudruj, Graph-Based Speculative Query Execution for RDBMS, PPAM 2017
  6. Anna Sasak-Okoń, Speculative Query Execution in Relational Databases with Graph Modelling, FedCSIS 2016
  7. Anna Sasak, Marcin Brzuszek, POSIX threads parallelization for example of Particle-In-Cell density calculations in plasma computer simulations, Ann. UMCS Informatica 2010
  8. Anna Sasak, Marcin Brzuszek, Speculative execution plan for multiple query execution systems., Ann. UMCS Informatica 2010
  9. Marcin Brzuszek, Anna Sasak, Marcin Turek, Parallelization methodology and analysis of benefits from the TRQR program with parallel computing, Ann. UMCS Informatica 2009
  10. Marcin Brzuszek, Anna Sasak, Marcin Turek,Speculative Computing of Recursive Functions Taking Values from Finite Sets., ISPDC 2008


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