The online webinar organized by UMCS was an opportunity for international candidate to engage with staff, students and graduates of the University

On the 2nd of June 2022, UMCS organized a "Webinar for International Candidates" the online event was an opportunity for International candidates interested in pursuing English-language studies at our University. Also among others it was an opportunity to 

The event was attended by students and graduates of English-speaking faculties: Robert Ainebyona Karokora - Uganda, member of the UMCS Welcome Center team, Faith Alex Laizer - Tanzania (1st degree student in the field of International Relations), Roman Pinchuk - Ukraine (graduate of International Relations), Natasza Łapińska-Poland (first-cycle student in Finance and Accounting), Adeniyi ADERIBIGBE - Nigeria ( entrepreneur and PhD student ), Kateryna Drozdiuk-Ukraine (employee of the Recruitment Office at MCSU) and Veronika Zhdamarova - Ukraine (first-cycle student in Economy) .

The main aim of the event was to present the English-language education offer, to remind the recruitment rules for studies at UMCS, as well as to present the lives of students in Lublin and at the University. Currently, students from over 4 countries study at UMCS, incl. from: Azerbaijan, Belarus, Ukraine, China, Chile, India, Kyrgyzstan, Rwanda, Tanzania, Zimbabwe.

The event was organized by the Rector's plenipotentiary for the internationalization of education - Dr. Ewelina Panas in cooperation with the UMCS Promotion Center.

We invite you to watch the recap of webinar and photo gallery: SEE WEBINAR , SEE PHOTOGRAPHY


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