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Applied Linguistics ENG-RU (undergraduate)

The studies in Applied Linguistic in English and Russian are designed to train translators and teachers in the two languages. Bidirectional character of the studies, which is reflected in parallel education,also allows students to acquire skills and qualifications to teach and translate in both English and Russian after graduation.

The studies in Applied Linguistic train highly qualified specialists in the field of the translation, linguistics, learning of foreign language and intercultural mediation. In addition to practical knowledge of the two foreign languages, students acquire the knowledge of general linguistics and the theory of communication, the knowledge of structures and cultures of the Polish,English and Russian languages. The block of the theoretical subjects include: glottodidactics, translation studies, linguistics, language communication and other. The scope of study also includes sociolinguistics, media language, pragmatics of cross-cultural communication issues.

The  character of applied linguistic studies meets the needs of  the European labour marketin the new EU area where bilingual specialists in the field of comparative linguistic, intercultural communication, interpreting and translations of specialized texts, and teaching two European languages are urgently sought. Considering the high level of specialization, which distinguishes them from the narrow range of skills of the students graduating from other philologies, they are able to respond to any challenges of the market to meet its demands and in that way to be effectively competitive.        

Students already in the course of studies gain practical skills in translation, including translation of documents, translation of movies for film festivals, correction of texts in foreign languages for UMCS Publishing, translation of documents and news for the Municipality of Lublin City and Lublin Province Marshall's Office or simultaneous translation of scientific conferences, which are held at the Faculty of Humanities or guiding foreign groups in Lublin museums.       

The highly qualified teaching staff and the well-equipped language laboratory guarantee that students can gain high quality education and the practical skills to work as translators or teachers.

 Science and Technology (undergraduate)

New undergraduate studies of Science and Technology at Maria Curie-Skłodowska University are a common project of three faculties of science: Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science; Chemistry; and Biology and Biotechnology. In the framework of these studies the University will provide high quality teaching as well as close contact of students with the solid background knowledge and its technological applications. The best internationally recognized scientists of the University belong to the teaching staff of this new branch of studies. In addition, it is planned to invite known experts and scientists from other institutes as visiting professors.

These undergraduate studies offer a broad-basis program in sciences underlying the basic training for the professional engineers, physicists, biochemists and biophysicists, chemists and mathematicians as well as provide a strong foundation for many other career opportunities.

Training is given through: lectures, exercises, laboratory classes and projects on the fundamental technology branches in both classical and quantum domains. These options and projects are related to the modern research expertise in areas such as applied mathematics, astrophysics, biology, solid-state physics, nuclear physics and chemistry, surface chemistry, environment research and new technologies.

Details: sat.umcs.pl

Tourism management – Hospitality, Travel and Tourism Services(undergraduate)

The programme is dedicated mainly to foreigners. In general, it aims at preparation of staff for services in tourism sector which is one of the most rapidly developing branches in the world economy. The programme is designed to provide students with understanding of the diverse conditions of tourist phenomena in the varied natural and cultural environments. It also enables them to acquire skills in planning and organizing different tourist activities as well as providing services related to tourist traffic.

The programme consists of two compulsory modules, which enable students to learn the mechanisms of functioning of tourism industry and frame their organizational skills in the tourism domain. Apart from that, the programme offers elective modules targeted at the individual interests of students.

The programme, which draws on both natural and social sciences, can be described as multidisciplinary (diverse classes provide students with knowledge and abilities necessary for multidimensional perception of tourism phenomena and organizing of tourist activities in varied circumstances), flexible (enabling individual ways of development) and covering the broad cultural context.

The programme’s completion enable further participation in Master’s degree programmes in the field of tourism and other fields of social studies, as well as non-degree postgraduate programmes within the field of tourism and hotel industry. The studies also prepare students for work in tourism sector and independent organization of diverse tourist activities.


English Studies (undergraduate) 

The program of English Studies equips students with:

- solid and organized knowledge within linguistics, literary studies, and cultural studies,

- specialized knowledge of selected diploma modules (300 hours each),

- good command of English (the competence level equal to C1 according to Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, and of a Western European language (B2 level according to Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) hence it prepares students for work in professions that require high humanistic qualifications.

A graduate in English Studies, on the basis of respect for history, traditions, multiculturalism, ethnic and religious diversity, is ready to work as a literary critic; a linguist expert; an analyst and a commentator of political, cultural, and social life in English-speaking countries; a journalist and editor in journals, newspapers, and mass media; an advisor in international organizations, offices, and companies related to English-speaking countries; on the service market that requires a good command of the English language, culture, and reality, such as translation offices, international organizations, customs or  tourist offices.

More information regarding English Studies may be found here.

Chemistry (graduate) 

The two-year master study programme is designed for graduates of the bachelor study programmes. Students are to expand their knowledge within chemistry and the chosen major/specialization. Graduates of the master studies should have basic theoretical knowledge and skills allowing them to solve problems involving chemistry as well as non-standard obstacles. They should also be able to give opinions on the basis of incomplete or limited information while observing legal and ethical principles. Moreover, graduates ought to debate about chemistry both with specialists as well as amateurs in this field and be able to be leaders of teamwork. Graduates ought to have skills enabling them to work in chemical industry and related areas, state and municipal administration and be prepared for working in education (after completing teaching specialty). Graduates should be ready to take up research challenges and start education on PhD studies. The table containing
ECTS details and the detailed programme description can be found here


Graphic Arts (graduate)

Graphic Art Studies we offer are dedicated to undergraduates of all artistic faculties, for example Fine Art Media, Graphic Design, Art Education etc. It will be welcome serious interest in art printmaking as well as graphic design activity. The twenty-first century brings necessity to develop creative potentials in each area of knowledge, human intelligence and abilities. Our Studies are proposal of very interesting and gracious way to appreciate and learn principal, most important issues from fine arts and design. Advanced information from Fine Arts History, Contemporary Polish Art, Sociology of Art, Visual Arts And Literature can facilitate understanding of visual phenomenon and deepen the sensitivity to beauty as well as skills in creative solving of problems. Unit fine arts and theory will be a interesting offer to widen experiences in comprehending of understanding a plethora of phenomenon in contemporary art. Practical courses will base on study of classical graphic art, painting and drawing as well as the newest digital technologies and multimedia solutions. Our intention is to place emphasis on printmaking skills. Students will be lead to skills of three most important printing types: relief, intaglio, serigraphy and experimental techniques. The more practical and useful kind of plastic activity will be developed by graphic design as well as book illustration. It will be very inspiring to enrich the main study program with such additional proposals like photography and mosaic - ceramics.
Our staff is gathered from the most experienced university teachers, recognized artists and scholars. The Institute of Fine Arts welcomes international students and values cultural diversity. All courses are conducted in English. We hope that our Graphic Art Studies will be very attractive and unique adventure and magical journey to World of Art. Please, find the table containing ECTS details, as well as the detailed programme description here.

International Relations (graduate)

International Relations is a course for these who wish to combine their thirst for knowledge with personal development while creating opportunities for an attractive future employment. What we offer is interdisciplinary studies, which is especially aimed at people interested in the world around and its shaping processes. Nowadays, globalization and integration processes require anyone participating in politics as well as in business, cultural, and social life to be familiar with international relations. Therefore, the demand for academic knowledge of the subject is increasing, which translates into good prospects for attractive employment. The following are among numerous possibilities of work available to our graduates: diplomacy, international trade, international projects, international organizations.

In order to meet the growing demand for specialists in international relations the Faculty of Political Science of Maria Curie-Sklodowska University in the 2015/2016 academic year is for the first time enrolling students for 2-year full-time MA studies in International Relations in English. Due to the fact that the entire course will be conducted in English, students will be able to master their language skills and enrich their vocabulary with specialist terminology while expanding their knowledge of international relations. The programme is designed for both Polish and foreign students who wish to probe the problem of international relations, especially in the context of Central and Eastern Europe relations.

Our development is in line with students' expectations – we are open to students' and graduates' suggestions. Answering students' needs we are planning to expand our offer by introducing language courses in Central and Eastern Europe languages.

The course has a unique content. The syllabus includes subjects on general knowledge of modern international relations as well as detailed studies of social, political, economic and cultural life with its historical background in the Central and Eastern Europe. The area has witnessed profound socio-economic changes and is rapidly gaining on meaning in modern international relations.

We do care about our graduates' future. We have started cooperation with partner universities. We are striving to provide our students with prestige diplomas from two universities.

More details: pelnomocnikstudent@poczta.umcs.lublin.

Doctoral Studies in Literature and Linguistics

Maria Curie-Skłodowska University's (UMCS) Faculty of Humanities announces a four-year doctoral (Ph.D.) programme in literary studies, cultural studies and linguistics, with English as the language of instruction

For more information visit our web-site

Head of the programme: Adam Głaz

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