"Welcome to Poland" Gala - invitation

The Team of Foreigners @ UMCS project would like to invite UMCS students of English programmes as well as faculty and non-academic staff to take part in the “Welcome to Poland” Gala - the presentation of Polish culture and art that will be held on Thursday, 14th November 2019 at 5:30 p.m. in the Ignacy Daszyński’s Hall, Faculty of Political Science and Journalism.

As for agenda itself, the first part of the event will include speeches of UMCS’s authorities and international students. Art performances, which are elements of the second part of the Gala, will increase participants’ knowledge of Polish traditions as well as regional culture and art.

After the official part of the event all participants are encouraged to take part in the banquet.

The event is organized as a part of task no. 9 Multicultural Days at UMCS under the project „Foreigners @ UMCS – a comprehensive set of actions and systemic solutions focused on institutional improvement and strengthening of UMCS in servicing international students and staff” within the framework of “Welcome to Poland” programme organized by National Agency for Academic Exchange.


    Iwona Beksiak
    Date of addition
    13 November 2019

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