Wayfinding system at UMCS

Our University has introduced a new Wayfinding Design system, available in both English and Polish. Its main goal is to help anyone not familiar with our University’s infrastructure, like applicants and new students to navigate their way through our campus.

Our new system of modern boards & guideposts is renowned for its minimalistic design; its usefulness & cohesion and will be substantial in assisting everyone navigating their way through UMCS Students Houses or UMCS Centre for Physical Culture, especially for foreign students, due to the markings being available in English.

Another impact related to creation of the wayfinding system is the Internal Visual Identification System Book. Special markings on the buildings – external boards with objects’ names, pointer arrows, lodging markings, info boards, UMCS Campus’ maps and internal boards were also included as a part of Wayfinding Design.

Wayfinding Design is a creation under a component financed by the national agency of academic exchange titled “foreigners’ @UMCS” – a complex system of actions and solutions, focused on improvement and institutional reinforcement of UMCS in the field of foreign students and employees.

The expectation is that the project continuation will lead to fulfilment of its goal aimed at connecting all markings at the campus.


    Date of addition
    30 August 2019