UMCS cooperation with Palacky University in the Czech Republic

Between 10th and 12th November of this year, UMCS Rector, Professor Radosław Dobrowolski, Vice-Rectors: Professor Wiesław I. Gruszecki, Professor Dorota Kołodyńska and dr hab. Zbigniew Pastuszak, Professor of the University, together the director of the ECOTECH COMPLEX Centre, Professor Ryszard Naskręcki made a partner visit to the Palacky University in Olomouc * (Czech Republic).

The program of the UMCS delegation's visit included, among other things, meeting with the authorities of Palacky University, attended by: Rector of UPOL, Professor Martin Procházka, Vice-Rectors: Professor Jiří Stavovčík, Professor Tomáš Opatrný and Professor Dušan Lužný and the Director of the Department of Geoinformatics at the Faculty of Sciences of UPOL, Professor Vít Voženílek with Dr Dalibor Mikuláš, Director of the International Relations Office of UPOL. The gathered people discussed, among other things, the development of cooperation between the Maria Curie-Skłodowska University and Palacky University in the field of science, didactics and academic culture.

One of the essential elements of the visit program was a meeting with the management of the CATRIN Institute (The Czech Advanced Technology and Research Institute of Palacký University Olomouc). Discussion with UMCS representatives was conducted by: the Director of the Institute, Professor Pavel Banaš, and also: Professor Michal Otyepka - Director of Catrin-RCPTM, Professor Ivo Frébort - Director of Catrin-CRH and doc. Dr Marián Hajdúch.

The CATRIN Institute was established in 2020 and dealt with developing new technologies for clean energy and a sustainable environment. It carries out interdisciplinary research on new technologies: nano-, bio- and biomedical at the highest world level, along with their further development and practical application. CATRIN's main areas of scientific activity are nanomaterials in biomedicine, plant genetics and biotechnology, environmental nanotechnologies and research on civilization diseases, development of innovative therapies, biomarkers, and in vitro / in vivo diagnostics conducted at the Laboratory of Experimental Medicine. The research activity of CATRIN employees and doctoral students is evidenced by numerous scientific publications in the best journals, national and European patents, and laboratory equipment worth tens of millions of euros. The Institute currently employs 220 people; 30% are scientists from abroad (20 countries), and its annual budget is about 37 million PLN.

CATRIN employees are currently implementing 20 research projects, including two ERC (European Research Council) grants.

The talks between UMCS rector authorities and the Director of ECOTECH with UPOL and CATRIN representatives concerned potential scientific cooperation areas with UMCS. The possibilities of establishing joint working teams to develop cooperation with the Centre for Research on Climate and Environmental Change (CeReClimEn), implementation of joint programs within doctoral schools, and exchange and education of students were discussed. The interest of Czech partners was also aroused by the possibility of establishing cooperation with the ECOTECH-COMPLEX Centre.

Talks with foreign partners will be continued soon - detailed solutions in the areas mentioned earlier will be discussed during the visit of the rector's college with UPOL at UMCS, which is planned at the turn of April and May 2022.

* Palacký University (part. Univerzita Palackého) is a university with a long tradition. Founded in the 16th century, it is the oldest university in Moravia and the second oldest university in the Czech Republic. Today, it is a modern university with a wide range of studies and extensive research activities. Palacky University consists of eight faculties, is one of the most prestigious Czech universities, and is ranked among the best universities in the world in many disciplines in international rankings. It also plays a significant role in the region - it is one of the largest employers in the Olomouc region and the city of Olomouc. 


    Monika Kusiej
    Date of addition
    16 November 2021