The third competition of the XVII Lublin Science Festival - The greatest invention ever

Organizers of the 17th Lublin Science Festival, which will be held between 18-24 September 2021 under the watchword "Science without borders. Enjoy science! ” cordially invite you to participate in the third of the competitions as part of the entire event! "The greatest invention ever" is a competition aimed at selecting the best work presenting the invention or discovery that has had the greatest impact on the history of the world and the development of civilization over the centuries.

The competition aims to promote the importance of science and scientific discoveries for the development of the economy of the region, country and the world, and to improve the lives of the inhabitants, as well as awakening cognitive curiosity and developing interest in science among children and young people between the ages of six and fifteen.

The progress of civilization is inseparably connected with scientific progress. Throughout history, inventions and groundbreaking discoveries have appeared from time to time that has revolutionized the world, changing history. Understanding the laws governing the reality surrounding us has allowed people to improve life on earth and explore the cosmos. Which inventions and discoveries deserve to be called the greatest inventions and discoveries of all time, and why?

The jury will select three competition winners from among the submitted works. The commission will be guided by criteria such as compliance with the work performed with the competition task, convincing arguments justifying selecting a given invention or discovery as those most important for human history, and an unconventional approach to the subject.

Attractive prizes await the winners, with a budget of up to PLN 2,000 (gross)!

The competition is international and is aimed at children from primary schools in the country and abroad.

Attention! The competition was extended until 15th August 2021.

Do not wait any minute longer! Present the invention or discovery that changed the world!

The regulations and the application form can be found on the competition website.


    Monika Kusiej
    Date of addition
    15 July 2021