The success of Professor dr hab. Stanisława Niebrzegowska-Bartmińska

Project by prof. dr hab. Stanisława Niebrzegowska-Bartmińska (Institute of Polish Philology, Maria Curie-Skłodowska University) received funding in the "Solidarni z scientists" competition, carried out in cooperation with the National Centre for Research and Development (NCBR) and the National Agency for Academic Exchange (NAWA) as part of the "Solidarnia with Belarus" initiative.

The competition aims to support NCBR research projects carried out by Polish research and knowledge dissemination organizations, cooperating with scientists from Belarus, who received a scholarship awarded by NAWA as part of the "Solidarity with scientists" activity.

The project entitled The concept of Homeland and радзіма in the minds of Poles and Belarusians. The ethnolinguistic study will be comparative - it belongs to the mainstream of ethnolinguistic research, in which the aim is to get to know the mentality of a person perceiving the world from the perspective defined by the linguistic and cultural community. Its commencement date is scheduled for September 1, 2022. Prof will implement the project. Stanisława Niebrzegowska-Bartmińska and prof. Alena Rudenka from the Department of Theoretical Linguistics of the Slavic Belarusian State University in Minsk. Value of the co-financing received: PLN 248,500.56.

Professor Alena Rudenka is a Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange scholarship holder. Thanks to the one-year scholarship she received, she has been working at IFP UMCS (internship supervisor: prof. S. Niebrzegowska-Bartmińska) since March 2021 and works with scientists from UMCS and KUL on the next volume of the Axiological Lexicon of Slavs and their neighbour's entitled DEMOCRACY, prepared by an international group of researchers under the supervision of prof. Jerzy Bartmiński. So far, the following volumes have been published in this series:

vol. 1. Dom, ed. J. Bartmiński, I. Bielińska-Gardziel, B. Żywicka (2015);

vol. 2. Europe, ed. W. Chlebda (2018);

vol. 3. Work, ed. J. Bartmiński, M. Brzozowska, S. Niebrzegowska-Bartmińska (2016);

vol. 4. Freedom, ed. J. Bartmiński, M. Abramowicz (2019);

vol. 5. Honor, ed. P. Sotirov, D. Ajdačić (2017).



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    11 January 2022

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