The seventh contest of the 17th Lublin Science Festival - "Catch the moment in science"

The organisers of the 17th Lublin Science Festival, which will be held from 18th- 24th September 2021 under the slogan "Science without borders. Enjoy science!", cordially invite you to participate in the seventh and last competition of the event! The aim of the "Catch the moment in science" competition is to show the impact of science on people's lives, taking into account how habits and customs in their daily lives have changed thanks to technological advances made over the past decades.

The competition aims to promote the importance of science and scientific discoveries for the development of one’s region, the country and the world's economy, as well as to improve the lives of its residents; integration and cooperation of the local community with the Lublin region's scientific and creative environment; arousing cognitive curiosity and developing interest in science among children, young people and adults; demonstrating in an accessible manner the usefulness of scientific knowledge in everyday life; by encouraging children, young people and adults to discover and enjoy science, promote scientific and creative activity in society, create social bonds and encourage participation in culture, social activities and prevent social exclusion of the elderly, the disabled and foreigners, as well as equal educational opportunities and foster intergenerational, intercultural and international dialogue.

The origins of science go back to remote ancient times. While seeking answers to fundamental questions about nature and the meaning of life, man simultaneously tried to learn the truth about the surrounding reality. Throughout history, discoveries and inventions have influenced both societies and individual lives. Even today, science shapes our daily lives and influences relationships within the family and social functioning. Thanks to technical progress and new technologies, the world around us is changing for the better. Is it possible to stop time with a camera lens to show this?

The contestants' task is to show through photography the development of science, with particular emphasis on the impact of technological progress on people's everyday lives. A photograph refrencing the theme of the competition should be described and then sent using the application form available on the competition website.

Attention: An additional advantage of the submitted work will be the capture of "those" moments in science which prove that science has no borders, and exploring this fascinating world gives a lot of joy, in reference to the slogan of this year's event "Science without borders. Enjoy science!".

The Committee will select one winner from among the submitted works. The Committee will be guided by the following criteria: compliance of the photo with the competition task, the description of the photo taken, as well as the highest value in terms of dissemination, promotion and popularisation of science and scientific research in society.

The winner will receive an attractive prize of PLN 2000 (gross)! The competition is addressed to adults (35+) from within the Republic of Poland and abroad.

Applications for the competition run from 30.07 to 12.09.2021.

The application form is available below.

Don't wait! Capture science in the frame!


Catch the moment in science - APPLICATION FORM


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    30 July 2021