The second competition of the 17th Lublin Science Festival - "Discover the world with Polish scientists!"

The Organisers of the 17th Lublin Science Festival, which will be held on 18th-24th September 2021, under the slogan "Science without borders. Enjoy science! ” invite you to participate in the second in a series of competitions as part of the entire event! "Discover the world with Polish scientists!" is a competition that consists of finding a new, practical application for a Polish invention.

The competition aims to develop an interest in science among the youngest children and inspire them to match Polish scientists' achievements. Mikołaj Kopernik, Ignacy Łukasiewicz and Maria Skłodowska-Curie are Polish scientists known all over the world. There are, however, many other outstanding researchers who, although not as popular as their predecessors, have tied their lives with science, and their discoveries changed the course of history. Kazimierz Prószyński, Józef Kosacki and Jacek Karpiński are just some of the pantheon of native explorers and inventors without whom the modern world would look completely different. Our compatriots created inventions of international importance and often devoted their lives to science to benefit future generations. The ideological nature and passion with which they devoted themselves to their scientific work, often crossing the limits of rational scientific cognition and their own barriers, emphasize the role of science without borders in the development of European civilization and culture.

Do you know who invented windscreen wipers, walkie-talkies and what Silicon Valley owes to Professor Jan Czochralski? The children will have to choose their favourite Polish scientist and develop a different, practical application of the invention he discovered.

The Committee will select three winners from among the submitted works. Attractive prizes await the winners, with a budget of as much as PLN 1,500 (gross)!

The competition is international and is aimed at pre-school children from Poland and abroad.

Applications for the competition are open from 26th February to 2nd May 2021.

Do not wait! Get inspired by a Polish scientist and find a new application for his invention!


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