The results of the 2nd competition within the 17th Lublin Science Festival "Discover the world with Polish scientists!"

The seventeenth edition of the Lublin Science Festival will be held between 18th and 24th September 2021 in Lublin under the slogan "Science without borders. Enjoy science! ”. Between 26th February and 23rd May, was held the second in a series of competitions as part of the entire event "Discover the world with Polish scientists!".

The competition aimed to promote the importance of science and scientific discoveries to develop the economy of the region, the country and the world, improve the lives of the inhabitants, awaken cognitive curiosity and develop an interest in science among the youngest.

The competition was international and aimed at preschool children in Poland and abroad. Its participants had to find a new, practical application for the Polish invention.

From among the received applications, the jury selected three winners of the competition. The winning works include the project of 6-year-old Maja Zając from the group of Little Explorers from Kindergarten No. 46 in Lublin, who used Józef Hoffman's paperclip to make a bookmark, as well as the work of 4-year-old Małgorzata Machowska from the Rainbow Butterflies group, also from the Kindergarten No. 46 in Lublin. Małgosia found an exciting application for Ignacy Łukasiewicz's kerosene lamp, decorated with sticks, Froebel's gifts and a string, which during the day serves as a vase for flowers, and at night - when placed on the windowsill - not only decorates the window in the room but can also be used to look for stars.

4-year-old Szymon Nóżka from Public Przedszkola Integracji im. Winnie the Pooh in Puławy. As the boy's teachers write: “One of the people who is credited with the invention of CAR WIPERS was a Pole, Józef Hofmann (1876-1957), whose idea was put into mass production at the Ford factory. Inspired by this invention, we decided with one of the children from the Public Integration Kindergarten. Winnie the Pooh in Puławy to invent a new way of using the doormat. Despite 4 years of age, Szymon came up with a brilliant idea - a doormat for road signs. Last winter was very snowy, and many road signs were unreadable so that you can think of ROAD SIGN WIPERS. The idea was implemented and tested on a dirt road sign - as you can see in the photo report, it works perfectly ”.

Józef Hofmann, Ignacy Łukasiewicz and Kazimierz Prószyński were the leaders among the most liked Polish scientists by preschoolers. We sincerely hope that the competition awakened the passion for learning in children and proved that there is a hidden genius and abilities in small minds that need to be nurtured. Developing children's passions and interests is not only a duty but also a privilege. History has repeatedly shown that interest in science in the youngest years resulted in great discoveries in the future, which often changed history. The works sent as part of the competition confirmed that children's imagination and creativity have no limits. Perhaps one of them will make discoveries like famous Poles in the future? We wish them this with all our hearts!

Congratulations to the winners, we also thank all the children participating in the competition.

We invite you to view the gallery of selected works!


    Monika Kusiej
    Date of addition
    9 June 2021

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