The Mind Seekers played in Chatka Żaka!

Yesterday evening (24/03), another edition of the Rock Stage of Radio Centrum took place. This time, the band The Mind Seekers performed in Chatka Żaka. TMS is an original rock band. This is a new sound on the Polish rock scene, in an excellent classic style.

Musically cultivating the musical traditions of the 70s and 80s, when the world was still analogue. It is music to listen to, ask questions, and look for answers. Despite the simplicity of the form, it does not leave the listener indifferent. In this way, a unique form of primary rock is created, which is currently challenging to find on the Polish music scene. TMS is a band whose element is to play live for the audience. He wants to reach people with his original message - with honesty and in a simple, unpretentious way.

We invite you to the photos from this event.

Photo Jan Jeżak


    Monika Kusiej
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    25 March 2022

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