The grant from the Ministry of Education and Science for the promotion of physics and mathematics for UMCS

The Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science of UMCS received support for implementing tasks promoting mathematical and physical sciences. The Ministry of Education and Science awarded a grant of PLN 100,000. For the implementation of project no. SONP / SP / 514019/2021 "Learn with MaFiI-ą 2" under the Social Responsibility of Science program, module: Popularization of science and promotion of the sport. The implementation of the grant is part of one of the essential tasks of the University, which is the promotion of scientific knowledge in society.

The project is aimed at school students and everyone interested in the latest scientific achievements. It contains several modules to promote scientific knowledge. One of them is a series of popular science lectures, "Meetings with Mathematics and Physics", during which the speakers will present impressive scientific achievements obtained in recent years. The following module is the "Friday with MaFiI-a" workshop aimed at primary school students, during which participants learn science through play. Mathematics and physics competitions dedicated to secondary school students "The Year Before Matura" are different. By presenting scientific knowledge in an attractive and modern way, they are supposed to encourage young people to study and choose science subjects during the secondary school-leaving examination, and to deepen their interests during their studies.

The project "Learn with MaFiI-ą 2" is coordinated by dr hab. Michał Warda, prof. UMCS from the Institute of Physics and Dr Anna Gąsior from the Institute of Mathematics.

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    Monika Kusiej
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    11 January 2022

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