The festival of bees and the opening of the UMCS apiary

On 8th August of this year, in the UMCS Botanical Garden, we celebrated the "Festival of Bees". It was great learning and fun opportunity for whole families. The organizers have prepared many attractions, lectures and workshops to introduce participants to how our winged pollinators can be helped.

The program includes, among others, consultations in the field of bee care, observations of the bee life of families, healthy food and cosmetics using bee products, a fair of honey and plants, and an exhibition of houses for wild pollinators. Those interested could participate in numerous competitions: for the most interesting bee outfit, identification of honey plants, "In the footsteps of bees among honey plants" or "Portrait of a wild pollinator". Interesting workshops have been prepared for the youngest and their parents: houses for wild pollinators, portraits of flowers on wood, beeswax candles and scented bags.

An important event was the opening of the UMCS Apiary. The ceremonial inauguration was attended by guests from Lublin universities, offices, institutions and organizations from the beekeeping community. The rector authorities of our University were represented by: Vice-Rector for General Affairs prof. Arkadiusz Bereza and Vice-Rector for Development and Cooperation with the Economy prof. Zbigniew Pastuszak.

The apiary is to serve primarily educational purposes - it will not be open to the public of "Botany" due to the safety of visitors and bees. Soon, an offer of next year's apiary activities addressed to school children and youth will appear on the website of the Garden.


    Monika Kusiej
    Date of addition
    16 August 2021