The album about Kyrgyzstan in Lublin

This Thursday (14th October of this year) at 6:16 pm, we invite you to the first post-summer meeting held as part of the weekly lectures prepared by the Polish Geographical Society, Lublin Branch, which will take place in the traditional form, i.e. in the auditorium of the Faculty of Earth Sciences and Spatial Management of UMCS.

The first Speaker to inaugurate the series of lectures in the academic year 2021/2022 will be Brother Damian Wojciechowski, TJ, who will introduce us, among others, to everyday life in Kyrgyzstan and the natural values of this increasingly popular tourist country in Central Asia. After the lecture "Kyrgyzstan every day", the Speaker's album "Kyrgyzstan - where the mountains touch the sky" will be promoted.

About the album

"Until now, no one in the world has undertaken the task of showing and describing the mountains of Kyrgyzstan (Tien-shan, All, Pamir) in such a comprehensive and beautiful form. Brother Damian Wojciechowski SJ, a missionary from Kyrgyzstan and a mountain guide, is currently in Poland and promotes his album about this mountain, a little-known country, and as it turns out - more and more often visited by Poles.

On 240 pages of the album, you can admire 389 photographs presenting the Kyrgyz mountains and the inhabitants, their culture, customs, and history. The album of the Rhetos Publishing House "Kyrgyzstan - where the mountains touch the sky" is also a guide that discusses the individual mountain ranges in detail, highlighting their advantages in various types of tourism and mountain activities. The whole is complemented by maps that allow you to find out about the topography of the Kyrgyz mountains and practical information for those who want to visit this country in Central Asia.

This extremely colourful publication of Brother Wojciechowski is an album for those who have already been to this picturesque country and a guide for those who would like to visit it. "(Source:

The income from the album's sale is intended to support the Jesuit Recreation and Rehabilitation Centre for Children at the Issyk-Kul Lake (issykcenter. kg).

The album "Kyrgyzstan - where the mountains touch the sky" will be available for purchase after the meeting at a promotional price of PLN 69.

Brother Damian Wojciechowski, TJ - Jesuit. A journalist and director by education (he graduated from film school in Moscow). In the early 1990s, he worked at TVP. Since 1996, a missionary in Siberia, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan. For many years the director of the Children's Rehabilitation Centre at Lake Issyk Kul in Kyrgyzstan. The manager and originator of many Asian expeditions, incl. "In the footsteps of Genghis Khan - Tianshan 2018" and the Siberian Oleniok River in 2019, for which in 2020 he was awarded a distinction at Kolosy in the Performance of the Year category.

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We invite you to the meeting in the auditorium of the Faculty of Earth Sciences and Spatial Management of UMCS (2D Kraśnicka Alley in Lublin), wearing a protective mask. In order to maintain an appropriate social distance, please occupy every other chair.

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    Monika Kusiej
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    14 October 2021