Project of the Centre for Polish Language and Culture with co-financing

We are happy to announce that the UMCS Centre for Polish Language and Culture for Polish Diaspora and Foreigners received funding under the first edition of the municipal competition "Program for Supporting Academic Initiatives". On 28th July this year, a declaration was signed at CJKP on accepting support for the project: We like Lublin. The initiative was positively assessed and took first place on the ranking list of the competition.

The project We like Lublin is addressed mainly to foreigners - people in Lublin, studying in our city and getting to know it better. The initiative involves developing ten online lessons, consisting of two parts: short films about Lublin and related activities.

The project introduces and consolidates vocabulary related to city life, tests text comprehension, promotes our university, and shows Lublin as an important academic centre and a city with a rich history and developed infrastructure. According to the project coordinator, dr hab. Bartłomiej Maliszewski: We show Lublin's monuments in films, we present Lublin as a university city, as a city where you can interestingly spend time. Then we compose tasks for films that translate the words used in the films, check the understanding of the text and expand information about Lublin.

CJKP would like to thank the Lublin City Office (Strategy and Entrepreneurship Department) for financial support, kindness and promising cooperation, and the UMCS authorities for their help in implementing the project.

The results of the competition are available on the BIP Lublin website.


    Monika Kusiej
    Date of addition
    29 July 2021