Photo report from the play "Talking Lightly" (original "Lekko Mówiąc")

On 4th November, the premiere of the performance by Grupa Dancing zMYsł, entitled "Talking Lightly", was created in cooperation with Anna Ciarkowska, author of the book "Pestka".

- The play "Talking Lightly" is an entirely innovative approach to dance theatre. The dancers, working partly based on choreography and partly on dance and movement improvisation principles, present their interpretations of texts from the book "Pestka". As a group leader, it was a big challenge to guide the dancers and help them build the concept of their scenes without altogether imposing on their choreography and vision. - says Adrianna Sawczak, choreographer and instructor of the zMYsł Dance Group, about the spectacle.

Below we present photos from the event.



    Monika Kusiej
    Date of addition
    8 November 2021