NAWA Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange Accreditation for UMCS

We are happy to announce that Maria Curie-Skłodowska University is among 12 Polish universities that have received the National Agency for Academic Exchange Accreditation.

On behalf of the University, the Language Centre Of Polish Culture for the Polish Diaspora and Foreigners was made under the supervision of dr hab. Anna Dunin-Dudkowska, prof. UMCS. Obtaining the Agency's Accreditation is a condition implementation of the annual NAWA preparatory course and NAWA summer courses,

both stationary and remote. The university obtained accreditation for

all types of action requested. Accreditation authorizes UMCS to

submit offers in competitions and participate in the Agency's programs for implementation above courses in 2021-2023. It was found that our Centre guarantees its experience as well as organizational and substantive potential conducting high-quality courses. We would like to mention that CJKP UMCS organizes annual courses preparing for studies in Polish and summer courses for foreigners every year, continuously since its inception, i.e. since 1991

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The article has been originally added to the Polish version of the website by Ms Ewelina Mitkowska-Musiatewicz from the UMCS Centre for Polish language and culture for Poland and foreigners


    Monika Kusiej
    Date of addition
    31 March 2021

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