International Student Football Tournament on UMCS campus

On Saturday, 23rd June 2018 the UMCS campus hosted its first international student football tournament which took place on the open pitch of the Sports Centre.

The initiative promoting diversity and integration through sports attracted a number of teams composed of students representing such coutries as Zimbabwe, Kazakhstan, Nigeria, India, Turkey, China, Ukraine, Russia, Azerbaijan and Poland, among others. The idea was initiated by Ms. Nancy Sithole, an avid football enthusiast and the International Relations student at UMCS who is also a former representative of the Zimbabwean National Women’s Football Team.

Football is a global phenomenon that brings nations and communities together and can serve as a powerful platform to promote respect, equality, and inclusion. With this in mind, the event was open to mixed-gender teams and welcomed all those willing to participate, regardless of their football skill level.  If you missed this year’s games and would like to get your foot on the ball and have the chance to meet and play with multinational teams, we encourage you to join us the next year.

International Student Tournament was co-organized by the international student volunteers, UMCS International Student Office and the UMCS Promotions Office, and was held under the patronage of the Rector’s Proxy for Student Affairs.

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