Christmas on campus: International Holidays Gathering

The International Holidays Gathering took place on Wednesday 13th December in the conference room of the Femina dormitory. The main subject of the Gathering was the Christmas traditions in Poland, but we also talked about the traditions of the UMCS international students in their home countries.

The students prepared for us a “holidays trip”. The first stop was in Ukraine, next in India, Japan and Azerbaijan. We are also very grateful to our special guests: Ms Agnieszka Kołczewska from the Młode Djembe drumming band who together with our students from Rwanda and Zimbabwe prepared a super-energetic music and dance performance, and Ms. Violetta Dryło who conducted the Christmas tree decoration workshops. The International Christmas Eve Dinner was the last part of the event where the students could taste some traditional Polish Christmas Eve dishes.

The International Students Office thanks everyone for attending and having a great time at this seasonal get-together. Photos from the event are available in our photo gallery.

Photo gallery: Bartosz Proll




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