Award of the National Foundation Roman Dmowski for a scientist from UMCS

Please be advised that on 19th June 2021, at the Gala of the National Foundation Roman Dmowski at the Museum of the 10th Pavilion of the Warsaw Citadel, the main prize in the competition for the best book on the history and political thought of National Democracy for 2020 was awarded to an employee of the Institute of History at Maria Curie-Skłodowska University - Dr Ariel Orzełek for the work entitled Searching for a model of political realism. Aleksander Bocheński's thought and journalism.

The hero of the awarded work - Aleksander Bocheński (1904–2001), was one of the most original Polish columnists of the modern era. As the author of the History of Stupidity in Poland, fundamental to Polish political thought of the twentieth century, he went down as a strong critic of the romantic and insurrectionist trend in national historiography. Dr A. Orzełek's book presents the ideological evolution of Bocheński against the background of his political biography, highlighting his striving to define political realism in the conditions of the turbulent Polish twentieth century.

The jury of the competition stated in its verdict that "the book touches upon the fundamental, also today, issue of political realism, which was one of the premises of Roman Dmowski's activity. Polish politics is real politics - Dmowski believed, finding understanding for his theses also among representatives of other political camps. One of them was Aleksander Bocheński, who came from a pre-war conservative camp. In his rich work, especially after 1945, the thought of Roman Dmowski was present all the time. It was Bocheński who, during this period, which was not easy, was its propagator and sympathizer. Ariel Orzełek's book is a comprehensive and professional lecture on this subject. The jury shares the opinion on this work formulated by prof. Tomasz Sikorski: »Undoubtedly, it is a work of great value, excellent in terms of its sources, even impressive. Doctor Ariel Orzełek completely closes the research field delineated by him ”.

Dr A. Orzełek, as a historian, deals with the biography and history of political thought, with particular emphasis on secular Catholic circles in People's Poland and ideologically complex figures entangled in the political dilemmas of the 20th century. Currently, he is preparing a book on the political paths of Jan Frankowski and Konstanty Łubieński.

Author: dr hab. Dariusz Słapek


    Monika Kusiej
    Date of addition
    22 June 2021