#MariaThinks Brain Week at UMCS

How to grow mini-brains? Is neuroscience and criminology a good match? Why do we misunderstand the gender-brain relationship? To find out these and other interesting facts, stop by the #MariaThinks Brain Week at UMCS, 13th-19th of March 2023!

For the third time, the Student Scientific Circle of Neurobiologists, the Scientific Circle of Cognitive Science, the Student Scientific Circle of Psychology "Adesse" from UMCS join the international discovery of brain and nervous system meanders!

This year’s edition will be in hybrid form, details will be posted in this event page.

During BrainWeek #MariaThinks participants will have the opportunity to take part in:

  • interactive workshops
  • lectures by renowned scientists from Poland and abroad
  • prized contest

This series of events is aimed at all those who are interested in exploring the secrets of how our nervous system works and the influence of brain science on areas of everyday life.

This year’s edition is supported by Biuro Biuro ds. Osób z Niepełnosprawnościami i Wsparcia Psychologicznego UMCS which provided translation to Polish Sign Language and  Lublin City Office as a part of  Lublin is Youth project within European Youth Capital title.

Honoured guests:

  • dr Beata Daniluk (UMCS)
  • prof. Daphna Joel (Tel Aviv University)
  • dr Adam Krzystyniak (PAN)
  • mgr Paweł Grochecki (Medical University Lublin)
  • dr hab. Magdalena Chorościńska-Krawczyk (Medical University Lublin)
  • prof. Jacek Jaworki (International Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology)
  • dr Wojciech Glac (Gdansk University)
  • dr Marta Marszałek-Grabska (Medical University Lublin)
  • prof. Peggy Mason (University of Chicago)
  • dr Łucja Domańska (UMCS)
  • dr hab. Przemysław Tomalski (PAN)
  • dr hab. Jolanta Masiak (Medical University Lublin)
  • dr hab. Adam Hamed (PAN, SWPS)

Participation in the lessons is completely free of charge. Schedule for the event and information about free registration coming soon.

Further information can be found on the fanpage of the event:

If you have any doubts or questions, please contact the organizers via the Facebook message or mail.

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Daryna Volianiuk


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    6 March 2023