NAWA Summer Course 2024

Welcome to the NAWA Summer Course 2024 in Lublin!

We kindly inform that the Polish Language and Culture Centre for Polish People from Abroad and Foreigners of Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin (UMCS) is organizing the on-site NAWA Summer Course from 6 to 26 July 2024.

The project is financed from the funds of the Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange (NAWA).

Summer courses of Polish language, history and culture provide a unique opportunity not only to learn the language and culture, but also to visit the greatest tourist attractions, meet Poles and integrate with course participants from dozens of countries around the world who share the same passion for learning about Poland and the Polish language.

Participation in the Course and all related activities as well as accommodation and meals is free of charge for the course participants.

Participants cover only the cost of travel to Poland and back, as well as the cost of medical insurance, including possible costs of transport to the country of residence. To participate in the course it is required to have a valid health insurance for the duration of your stay.

The aim of the course is to strengthen linguistic competences, as well as deepen ties with Poland and encourage participants to study in Poland or - in the longer term - to cooperate with Polish universities and companies in the field of science and economy.

The program of the course includes intensive classes in Polish as a foreign language (60 hours), lectures on Polish history, culture and literature (30 hours), and additional integration events.

The Polish classes (levels from A1 to C1) of 4 hours daily will be conducted Monday through Friday. The participants will be divided into groups based on a placement test. After classes there will be lectures conducted in Polish and English in parallel groups. Additional events include trips (sight-seeing Lublin, Kozłówka, Puławy, Kazimierz Dolny, Sandomierz, Zamość, Zwierzyniec and Roztocze), presentations of Polish films with short introductions and discussions, and a cycle of competitions, quizzes, workshops, meetings and projects. They will be held mainly in afternoon hours, in the evenings and at weekends.

Attendance will be recorded in each class, lecture and activity within the course.

The Course participants will have an option to take advantage of tutoring sessions with teachers.

All participants will get a free of charge handbook and will receive teaching materials prepared by their teachers for particular lessons. A detailed program and timetable of classes will be provided to the participants before the commencement of the Course.

At the end of the course all participants will be given certificates of attendance.

Candidates for the Program must meet the following requirements:

  • have the status of a student or scientist of a foreign university,
  • are foreigners or have dual citizenship (Polish and citizenship of another country),
  • do not study, work or reside in Poland,
  • Polish is not their first language of communication,
  • speak Polish or English at the level of at least B1.

The duties of the course participants will include:

  • regular and active participation in classes, lectures and other activities held within the course,
  • participation in evaluation activities during and after the Course, including filling in an on-line questionnaire, access to which will be provided before the end of the Course,
  • cooperation with the Course organizer and teachers conducting the classes in order to achieve the best possible results of the Course.

The recruitment shall be held from 30 January 2024 .

Application Form

The contact person in matters related to the recruitment and implementation of the Course:

Ms Ewelina Mitkowska-Musiatewicz

tel. +48  81 537 28 76

The results of the recruitment will be announced by e-mails.