DT.Uni Workshop for Management Staff 25.02.2020 University of Munster (Germany)


This one day workshop was performed stationary at the classroom at Westfalische-Wilhelms University in Munster. It consisted of 8 hours face to face session. The workshop was given by Olga Pliszczyńska-Mokijewska, Head of the Center, UMCS. Participant worked with Design Thinking Methods and Tools including: who, what, how, why persona 5 x why brainstorming clustering brainwriting letter to grandma prototyping testing presenting solutions to challenge learn/keep/try/kill. The Workshop combined two widely-appreciated and increasingly popular approaches: 1) Interdisciplinary education - explaining phenomenon, solving problem, or creating a product; 2) Design Thinking – understood as a particular style of innovative problem solving. The participants were employees (and one student) of WWU Munster and they were working on the question of new design of the website dedicated to PhD candidates at the WWU Munster.