Informacja o wydarzeniach na Ukrainie

Poniżej znajduje się informacja w języku angielskim przekazana przez Katolicki Ukraiński Uniwersytet nt. wydarzeń na Ukrainie.

Dear friends of UCU,

because of what is happening in Ukraine at this moment we feel obliged to send you more information. Please pray for Ukraine, and its people at this tragic time of Ukraine’s history and fight for Independence.

More information about UCU’s position in present situation you may find here.

Statement of the Ukrainian Catholic University
„We unequivocally affirm that responsibility for the current escalation rests solely on the government – personally Viktor Yanukovych and his 'hawkish' command.Every case of escalation, each more striking in its complete absurdity, slashes our hopes” (read more).

Fascism, Russia, and Ukraine
„The protesters might be seen as setting an example of courage for Americans of both the left and the right” - Timothy Snyder (read more).

Ukraine in Flames

„Senior U.S. government officials and European leaders have failed in their generally unimpressive efforts to persuade Yanukovych to see reason and parley seriously with the opposition. Today’s bloodshed and death is the result of that failure” - George Weigel (read more).

Crucifixion in Kiev
„The Cross held high in the hand of a Maidan priest. For one side it is a shimmering hope, for the other, a looming threat. For both, it is the Truth that cannot be ignored” - Tim Kelleher, the new media editor for First Things (read more).

U.S. is ‘appalled’ by deadly violence in Ukraine, but no action is announced
„The main anti-government protest camp in Kiev was on fire Tuesday after Ukrainian riot police started to move into Independence Square late Tuesday. Six police officers were among the dead after a chaotic day of street battles. Hundreds were injured in street clashes” - Anne Gearan, The Washington Post (read more).

Please pray for those, who were killed during last days in Ukraine. They died for our common dignity and freedom. They are heros.One of them is UCU lecturer Bohdan Solchanyk.Rest in peace brothers!

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