Scholarships 2018/2019

For 2018/2019 ranking lists see the attachments


Feel welcome to apply for scholarships for the academic year 2018/2019. You will find the general regulations and appropriate forms below (on the next page?) in attachments. In particular note the following major points:

1. Different rules apply for doctoral students of year I and students of year II-IV (make sure you use the proper forms).

2. There are two kinds of scholarships: (i) doctoral and (ii) merit-based (zwiększenie stypendium doktoranckiego, the so-called "projakościowe").

3. You can apply for both kinds but there are certain restrictions that pertain to first-year students, who can apply for:

- the doctoral scholarship if they have obtained grade 5.0 in the admission procedure;

- the merit-based scholarship if they have obtained grade 5.0 in the admission procedure OR the GPA (Grade Point Average) of 4.51-5.0 in their MA programme (or both, naturally).

4. For the doctoral scholarship, first-year students need to obtain a formal confirmation (stamp and signature of powers-that-be) of their GPA in Part II, point 2 of the relevant form.

5. While applying for the merit-based scholarship, first-year students can choose between two options in Part II of the form (points 1 and 1a OR 2 and 2a), whichever brings them more points. In either case, they also need to seek and obtain a formal confirmation of their GPA from their degree-granting institution.

6. Students of Year II-IV must obtain the relevant signatures and an opinion of their academic advisor (see the forms). They are also advised to study the Scholarship Assessment Rules (especially the red print) and requested to submit the relevant documentation.

Do seek help of your academic advisors and don't hesitate to inquire with me when in doubt. I need to receive your applications, filled and signed:

- by Sep 30 (or in fact, this year by Sep 28) from students of years II-IV (note, however, that I'll be away Sep 23-26);

- by Oct 5 from students of year I.

This is important. Applications that are submitted too late or that do not meet the formal criteria cannot be considered.