We are pleased to welcome you to the Faculty of Economics at Maria Curie Sklodowska University. We hope that you will enjoy your stay and studies here.

An arriving in a new country to live in and study is always a big challenge. The purpose of this website is to help students wishing to study at the Faculty of Economics UMCS with various administrative and educational formalities that have to be completed after their arrival. On this website you will find a general description of the University and the Faculty of Economics, information about libraries and other university services, as well as practical advice before leaving your own country and pieces of information that may be useful after your arrival in Lublin like accommodation. We hope that this website will be helpful to you.

Poland in brief

Official name: The Republic of Poland
National flag: Colour: top half – white, bottom half – red
Language: Polish
Capital: Warsaw
Population: 38 million
Area: 312 685 km2, it is the 9th biggest country in Europe
Border countries: Russia, Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Germany
Religion: Roman Catholic (about 93%), Eastern Orthodox, Protestant and others
Currency: 1zloty (PLN) = 100 grosz (EUR 1 – approx. PLN 4)
Climate: Continental, moderate, changeable weather.
Local time: GMT + 1hr
Calling code to Poland: +48
Calling code to Lublin: 81

Emergency telephone numbers in Poland:
999 – Ambulance
998 – Fire department
997 – Police
112 – European emergency number, to be used in the event of: fire, traffic accident, burglary, theft, violence, etc.

City of Lublin

Lublin is the biggest city located in the east of Poland, 161 km south from the capital city Warsaw and 269 km north from Cracow. This place is full of historical sites and magical legends. Adorable old town criss-crossed by antique streets, buildings full of nice restaurants, pubs, museums and galleries and The Royal Castle which is the main point of the whole area. In this city history and modernity goes hand in hand.

 Source: http://www.superpolska.info/content/photos/tm2kyk3z.mhv_260x260.jpg

Lublin is one of the cities called “perfect for students.” (Lublin is considered one of "Top 10 Student-Friendly Cities in Europe") 100,000 university students each year account for 25% of population. For this reason the city is very well prepared for its citizens. You can choose from abundance of pubs, bars and discos full of young people. Central point of students life is the Maria Curie Sklodowska University campus. Young people study, live and have fun in the same place. The main buildings of the University are surrounded by residence halls and inexpensive restaurants and pubs. In spring squares and lawns are full of students having a barbecue and spending time outdoors. In Lublin, like in most of Polish cities, Erasmus students have special care. In this city we have two sections of Erasmus Students Network: at the Maria Curie-Sklodowska University and at the Technical University of Lublin. If you like sports you won’t be bored. You can participate in dancing or yoga classes, go to the gym or just run through the city along beautiful streets. Great thing about Lublin is the artificial lake called Zalew Zemborzycki. You can swim there, make bicycle trips around it, do kayaking, surfing, fishing and many more. In the winter you may even ski. It’s possible thanks to a few ski slopes which are located 1 hour’s drive away from Lublin. You can borrow needed equipment there. Of the very important aspect for students in Lublin is that the prices here are very low. Renting a single room in students flat in the center is around 400 zlotys (90 euro), the bus card for month is 42 zlotys (10 euro), the entrance to a disco 10 zlotys (2,5 euro the gym card about 90 zlotys (20 euro). If you want to travel all over the Europe during your Erasmus now it is easier than ever. Since December 2012 Lublin has its own airport with cheap airlines like Wizzair and Ryanair. Lublin is waiting for you.



Source: http://m.ocdn.eu/_m/42ca4cbf622fa6e5526ac63cca4b6de3,12,1.jpg


The information used on this website (‘International cooperation’ bookmark) are taken from ‘Erasmus Guide for International Students’, websites (e.g. www.esn.umcs.lublin.pl) and Dean’s Office at the Faculty of Economics and were collected by students of the Scientific Society of Management and Marketing UMCS.