Benefit application for students

Benefit application for students

Benefit is a form of emergency help for people who have found themselves in a difficult financial situation and it has not been  more than half a year since it happened. Application process for students in the 2019/2020 academic year is carried out with the help of USOSweb.

To start filling in the application form in USOSweb, click home page

COMMON SECTION -> APPLICATIONS -> select the appropriate application from the list and click "fill in”


Read the messages that the system displays carefully. After completing therelevant data on the screens, click "NEXT" and move to the next screens.

Page 0 - complete the data concerning all the faculties you have completed or are studying (regardless of faculty, degree or university). By clicking "Add" a list of available schools will appear. Enter your school in the "Search" field. Then complete the faculty, level of study, your status and period of your studies (do it very carefully).

If you have completed several faculties - add them by clicking "Add".

Finally make sure all your answers are correct

The system will check whether you are entitled to receive the benefit. If not - an appropriate message will appear. For example: You cannot receive the benefit during the first, second degree and MB studies if you are MA graduate.

Page 2 - When filling in the data, check that everything is correct. If you have not entered the account number – complete it. If you want to receive benefit to a different bank account than in the system - you must report to the dean's office and ask to change it. All benefits at the university are paid only to one student’s bank account.

Page 3 - choose the reason you are claiming the benefit and describe your situation (it should be the most complete and accurate information possible)

Page 4 - Please enter and upload all documents / certificates confirming the existing situation (in pdf format)

Page 5 and 6 - check if everything is OK and click NEXT: SIGN AND SUBMIT ELECTRONICALLY. At this moment, an authorization code will come to your e-mail address. Enter it on the next the Page 6. After entering it, please click SIGN AND SUBMIT ELECTRONICALLY which results in submitting the application in the system (status: submitted).