Kurs z walidacji metod LC-MS, edycja 2019/20, za darmo!

Uniwersytet w Tartu (Estonia) oferuje darmowy kurs z walidacji metod LC-MS na platformie Moodle.

The course will run its next edition during Nov 26, 2019 - Feb 07, 2020:


The course is open for registration via the above address. As previously, this is a practice-oriented on-line course on validation of analytical methods. It specifically addresses LC-MS as technique, but is sufficiently general, so that it is expected to be useful also to those working with any other analytical techniques. The course introduces the main concepts and mathematical apparatus of validation, covers the most important method performance parameters and ways of estimating them. Participation to the course and receiving digital certificate (in the case of successful completion) is free of charge. Printed certificate is available for a fee of 60 EUR. Registration is possible until the start of the course.


    Karol Pilorz
    Data dodania
    24 września 2019