Sukces zespołu archeologicznego prof. Marka Florka z IA UMCS

Nowe odkrycia zespołu archeologicznego pod kierunkiem prof. Marka Florka z Instytutu Archeologii UMCS - poza granicami Polski, w Londynie...

New discoveries at medieval village of Trójca...

"Awealth of 11th- and 12th-century artefacts has been unearthed during the latest season of excavation at the archaeological site of Trójca, once a medieval village situated in the west of what is now the town of Zawichost, in the Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship of Poland, shedding new light on Trójca’s role as an important trade and craft centre in late medieval Europe.

Though little is known about the history of Trójca before it was incorporated into Zawichost in 1954, archaeological findings made here over the last century, along with its location near a ford on the Vistula River, indicate that it may have been a former stronghold.


The latest season of fieldwork was completed this October, and has revealed that the medieval settlement occupied an area of at least 20 hectares.  

A wealth of mostly 11th- and 12th-century artefacts have been unearthed over the course of the investigations, including thousands of pottery vessel fragments, iron keys, whetstones, spindle whorls, silver and glass rings, devotional articles such as crosses, military apparatus (sword pommels, spurs, and stirrups), and an unusual lead disc imitating a cross denarius.

The results of this year’s research support evidence that Trójca was established around the mid-10th century, and became an important supralocal trade and craft centre in early medieval Poland, connecting Eastern Europe with Western Europe, and the Baltic coast with the Carpathian Basin.

Settlement activity decreased at Trójca after the 12th century, however, suggesting that the founding of a stronghold at Zawichost, and the shifting of the bed of the Vistula River (which changed the location of the ford) may have led to its marginalisation.

These investigations have been led by Dr Marek Florek from the Institute of Archaeology of the Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin and Dominik K Płaza from the Regional Museum in Sandomierz, with assistance from the Vistula Search Group of the "Szansa" Association and archaeological institution Trzy Epoki Monika Bajka".

Text / information: THE PAST (angielski portal)

Fot. Eleventh and 12th century temple rings
IMAGE: courtesy of Marek Florek / Wojciech Rudziejewski-Rudziewicz


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    22 grudnia 2022