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Professor Władysław Janusz

Professor Władysław Janusz
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M.Sc. 1974;

Ph.D. 1981

Habilitation 2001

Research areas:

The main research interest covers various fields of physicochemistryof the solid dispersion ( e.g. metal oxides, insoluble carbonates, silicates, phosphates) in the electrolyte solutions especially:

  • origin of the surface charge at the solid /electrolyte interfaces,
  • mechanism of the adsorption of ions at the solid/electrolyte interface,
  • zeta potential measurements ofdispersions,
  • structure of the electrical double layer structure at the solid/electrolyte interface,
  • determination of the equilibrium constants of surface hydroxyl groups at the solid/electrolyte interface,
  • specific adsorption of ions at the solid/electrolyte interface, competition of ion adsorption,
  • adsorption of ternary complexes at the solid/electrolyte interface,
  • colloid stability,

additionaly radioisotope methods in physical and analytical chemistry.

Representative publications

1.   W. Janusz - Adsorption of Background Electrolyte Ions at the Metal Oxide/Water Solution Interface. in Fine Particles Science and Technology from Micro to Nanoparticles(E. Pelizzetti ed.) NATO ASI Series 3/12 Kluwer Acad. Publ. Dordercht 1996, 161-171.

2.   W. Janusz, Electrical Double Layer at the Metal Oxide/Electrolyte Interface in: Interfacial Forces and Fields: Theory and Applications ( J.P. Hsu Ed) M. Dekker New York (1999), Chapter 4.

3.   J. Szczypa, I. Kobal, W. Janusz, Application of Environmental Colloid Science in the Soil Systems, in Adsorption and Its Application in Industry and Environmental Protection( A. Dabrowski Ed.,) Elsevier vol. 2 pp351-379, 1999.

4.   W. Janusz, Electrical Double Layer at Oxide-Solution Interface, Encyclopedia Colloid and Surface Sci., (P. Somasundaran and A. Hubard eds.) wersja online M. Dekker Inc., New York,