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dr hab. Jerzy Dudek

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(0048-81) 537 6141
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Publications: 2016 onwards

1) New isomer found in 140Sb: Sphericity and shell evolution between N=82 and N=90;
R. Lozeva, H. Na ̈ıdja, F. Nowacki, J. Dudek, A. Odahara, C.-B. Moon, S. Nishimura, P. Doornenbal, J.-M. Daugas, P.-A. So ̈derstr ̈om, T. Sumikama, G. Lorusso, J. Wu, Z. Y. Xu, H. Baba, F. Browne, R. Daido, Y. Fang, T. Isobe, I. Kojouharov, N. Kurz, Z. Patel, S. Rice, H. Sakurai, H. Schaffner, L. Sinclair, H. Watanabe, A. Yagi, R. Yokoyama, T. Kubo, N. In- abe, H. Suzuki, N. Fukuda, D. Kameda, H. Takeda, D. S. Ahn, D. Murai, F. L. Bello Gar- rote, F. Didierjean, E. Ideguchi, T. Ishigaki, H. S. Jung, T. Komatsubara, Y. K. Kwon, P. Lee, C. S. Lee, S. Morimoto, M. Niikura, H. Nishibata, and I. Nishizuka,
Phys. Rev. C 93, 014 316 (2016)

2) Investigation of negative-parity states in 156Dy: Search for evidence of tetrahedral symmetry;
D. J. Hartley, L. L. Riedinger, R. V. F. Janssens, S. N. T. Majola, M. A. Riley, J. M. All- mond, C. W. Beausang, M. P. Carpenter, C. J. Chiara, N. Cooper, D. Curien, B. J. P. Gall, P. E. Garrett, F. G. Kondev, W. D. Kulp, T. Lauritsen, E. A. McCutchan, D. Miller, S. Miller, J. Piot, N. Redon, J. F. Sharpey-Schafer, J. Simpson, I. Stefanescu, X. Wang, V. Werner, J. L. Wood, C.-H. Yu, S. Zhu, and J. Dudek,
Phys. Rev. C 95, 014 321 (2017)

3) Narrowing the confidence intervals in nuclear structure predictions through elimination of parametric correlations;
I. Dedes and J. Dudek;
Acta Physica Polonica B Proceedings Supplement 10, (2017) 51-68

4) GCM+GOA electromagnetic multipole transition operators and symmetries of generating functions;
A. Gozdz, A. Pedrak and J. Dudek,
Acta Physica Polonica B 48 (2017) 281-286

5) Solution of the Skyrme-Hartree-Fock-Bogolyubov equations in the Cartesian deformed harmonic-oscillator basis – (VIII) hfodd (v2.73y): A new version of the program;
N. Schunck, J. Dobaczewski, W. Satula, P. Baczyk, J. Dudek, Y. Gao, M. Konieczka, K. Sato, Y. Shi, X. B. Wang, and T. R. Werner,
Computer Physics Communications 216, 145-174 (2017)

6) Spectroscopic criteria for identification of nuclear tetrahedral and octahedral symmetries: Illustration on a rare earth nucleus;
J. Dudek, D. Curien, I. Dedes, K. Mazurek, S. Tagami, Y. R. Shimizu and T. Bhattacharjee,
Phys. Rev. C97, 021302(R) (2018)

7) First-order Coriolis-coupling for the rotational spectrum of a tetrahedrally deformed core plus one-particle system;
S. Tagami, Y. R. Shimizu and J. Dudek,
Phys. Rev. C98, 024304 (2018)

8) Propagation of the theoretical modelling uncertainties with increasing distance from the parameter adjustment zone: Critical limits and No-Go asymptotic;
I. Dedes and J. Dudek,
Phys. Rev. C Rapid Communications, submitted, 2018

9) A new approach to the adiabaticity concepts in the collective nuclear motion: Impact
for the collective-inertia tensor and comparisons with experiment;
D. Rouvel and J. Dudek,
Phys. Rev. C Rapid Communications, accepted, 2019

10) Predictive power of theoretical modelling of the nuclear mean field: Examples of improving predictive capacities;
I. Dedes and J. Dudek,
Phys. Scr. 93 044003 (2018)

11) Spectroscopy of a tetrahedral doubly magic candidate nucleus 170Yb;
A. Saha, T. Bhattacharjee, D. Curien, J. Dudek, I. Dedes, K. Mazurek, A. Gozdz, S. Tagami, Y. R. Shimizu, S. R. Banerjee, S. Rajbanshi, A. Bisoi, G. De Angelis, Soumik Bhattacharya, S. Bhattacharyya, S. Biswas, A. Chakraborty, S. Das Gupta, B. Dey, A. Goswami, D. Mon- dal, D. Pandit, R. Palit, T. Roy, R. P. Singh, M. Saha Sarkar, S. Saha and J. Sethi,
J. Phys. G: Nucl. Part. Phys. 46 055102

12) High-rank symmetries in nuclei: Challenges for prediction capacities of the nuclear mean-field theories;
J. Dudek, I. Dedes, J. Yang, A. Baran, D. Curien, T. Dickel, A. Gozdz, D. Rouvel and H. L. Wang,
Acta Physica Polonica B, Accepted, 2018

13) About competition between tetrahedral and octahedral symmetries in atomic nuclei;
I. Dedes, J. Dudek, J. Yang, A. Baran, D. Curien and H. L. Wang,
Acta Physica Polonica B, Accepted, 2018

14) Shortening the way to experimental evidence for high rank symmetries in atomic nuclei: Researcher instructions;
J. Dudek, I. Dedes, J. Yang, A. Baran, D. Curien, S. Tagami, Y. R. Shimizu and H. L. Wang,
Acta Physica Polonica B, Accepted, 2018

15) An algorithm of constructing potential energy surfaces for nuclear particle-hole ex- cited configurations;
A. Baran and J. Dudek,
Acta Physica Polonica B, Accepted, 2018

16) Phenomenological estimates of the profiles of giant dipole resonances built on ground- , and low-lying exited states;
K. Mazurek, A. Dobrowolski, A. Maj, M. Kmiecik and J. Dudek,
Acta Physica Polonica B, Accepted, 2018