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dr Katarzyna Stępnik

assistant professor
Telephone number
(81) 537 55 64
E-mail address


Pl. Marii Curie - Skłodowskiej 3/243
20-031 Lublin

Personal information

Research areas:

1 / liquid chromatography and its applications

2 / biomimetic methods in determining the biological activity of compounds of plant origin

3 / computational methods and their application in the estimation of steric, electronic and lipophilic parameters of the molecule

4 / blood-brain barrier and other biological barriers

University classes:

Physical chemistry (T) Plysical chemistry (LB) Physical chemistry in biological systems (T) Chromatography and spectroscopy (LB)

Scientific Activity

Recent scientific articles from two years:

1. K. Stępnik, W. Kukula-Koch, In silico studies on triterpenoid saponins permeation through the blood-brain barrier combined with postmortem research on the brain tissues of mice affected by Astragaloside IV administration, International Journal of Molecular Sciences (2020), 21, 1-27 (140 pkt MEiN, IF 4,556).


2. K. Gaweł, W. Kukula-Koch, D. Nieoczym, K. Stępnik, W. van der Ent, N.S. Banono, D. Tarabasz, W.A. Turski, C.V. Esguerra, The influence of palmatine isolated from Berberis sibirica Radix on pentylenetetrazole-induced seizures in Zebrafish, CELLS (2020), 9, 1233 (140 pkt MEiN, IF 4,366).


3. M.J. Fiołka, S. Mieszawska, P. Czaplewska, A. Szymańska, K. Stępnik, W. Sofińska-Chmiel, T. Buchwald, K. Lewtak, Candida albicans cell wall as a target of action for the protein-carbohydrate fraction from coelomic fluid of Dendrobaena veneta, Scientific Reports (2020), 10, 16352 (140 pkt MEiN, IF 3,998).


4. K. Stępnik, Biomimetic Chromatographic Studies Combined with the Computational Approach to Investigate the Ability of Triterpenoid Saponins of Plant Origin to Cross the Blood–Brain Barrier, International Journal of Molecular Sciences (2021), 22(7): 3573 (140 pkt MEiN, IF 4,556).