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dr Jakub Nowak

dr Jakub Nowak
Associate Professor in Department of Journalism
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my office hours during the spring semester

Monday 9.50-12.50

room 202

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PhD, Associate Professor in Department of Journalism in Faculty of Political Science. His research interests are media and communication studies.

Faculty Coordinator of Erasmus+ programme / google scholar

e-mail address:

Selected publications:

Surveillance and privacy as emerging issues in communication and media studies. An introduction, (co-author: Johanna Moeller), "Mediatization Studies" 2018, vol. 2, p. 7-15, online.

The Good, the Bad, and the Commons: A Critical Review of Popular Discourse on Piracy and Power During Anti‐ACTA Protests, „Journal of Computer‐Mediated Communication” 21 (2), 177-194, online

Internet meme as meaningful discourse: Towards a theory of multiparticipant popular online content, "Central European Journal of Communication", vol. 9, no 1(16) 2016, p. 73-89. online

Political Communication, Social Media and Popular Culture: The Adisucks Facebook Protest Case Study, (w:) Political Communication in the Era of New Technologies, (eds.) B. Dobek-Ostrowska, J. Garlicki, Peter Lang Publishing Group, Frankfurt am Main 2013, s. 127-146.

Media Messages’ Flows in Converging Media Systems, Directions of Change as Research Challenges, [in:] Convergence: Media in Future, eds. A. Baczyński, M. Drożdż, IDIKS UPJPII, Cracow 2012, s. 221–237. profile