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Dr. Korneliusz Pylak

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Monday 10-11
Wednesday 15h30-16h30


Pl. M. Curie-Skłodowskiej 5, pokój nr 617
20-031 Lublin

Personal information

Economic geographer interested in how history shapes the current economy

Scientific Activity

I am an evolutionary economic geographer. I investigate the role of history in shaping the current economic landscape in less developed countries and regions, especially post-communist ones. I focus on entrepreneurship, including the creation of new industries and companies, diversification processes, path dependence and knowledge creation.

E-mail: | Skype: neilpylak | Twitter: @KornelPylak

SCOPUS Author ID: 36114689400
Google scholar: Korneliusz Pylak

Reviewer of:
Regional Studies; Small Business Economics; Geografiska Annaler: Series B, Human Geography; Small Enterprise Research; Service Industries Journal; Journal of Strategic Marketing

Chosen articles:
Pylak, K., & Kogler, D. F. (2019). Successful Economic Diversifications: Implications for Refining Smart Specialisation Strategies in Less Developed Regions. UCD Spatial Dynamics Lab Working Paper Series, WP19/XX, 1–43 (
Fritsch M., Pylak K., Wyrwich M. (2019). Persistence of Entrepreneurship in Different Historical Contexts. Papers in Evolutionary Economic Geography # 19.19, 1–49 (
Pylak, K. (2015). Changing innovation process models: a chance to break out of path dependency for less developed regions. Regional Studies, Regional Science, 2(1), pp. 46–72. doi: 10.1080/21681376.2014.979433 (