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mgr inż. (MSc\MEng) Adam Paździor

mgr inż. (MSc\MEng) Adam Paździor
research assistant
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Personal information

In 2012 I became one of the first students of a brand new BSc/BEng degree course at the Faculty of Physics of Warsaw University of Technology - Photonics. I've graduated with a 'very good' mark after defending my thesis on 'All-in-fiber polarization controller based on photonic liquid crystal fiber', which I've prepared 

In the years 2016-2017 I continued studying at the Faculty of Physics of Warsaw University of Technology at, again, brand new second-degree course in Photonics with English being the language of the classes. I've graduated getting an 'excellent' grade and defended a thesis on 'Dispersion tuning of liquid crystal filled microstructured optical fibers', which I've also prepared at Photonics Optics Laboratory under the supervision of Sławomir Ertman PhD., Eng.

I've done my internship at Optical Fiber Technology Laboratory at UMCS where I've characterized optical and mechanical properties of the optical fibers drawn at the laboratory.

Scientific Activity

During my master's degree course I've started to work for InPhoTech - a research and development company dealing with implementation of optical-fiber-based solutions in various industries. In a year and nine months of working there I've been entrusted with, among others, characterization of properies of optical fibers and fiber-optic sensors, making literature and market reviews and development of proofs of concepts and demonstartions of solutions offered by the company and presenting them to the clients.