Webinar by Dr Irka Hajdas from the Zurich Radiocarbon Laboratory

A webinar by Dr Irka Hajdas of the Zurich Radiocarbon Laboratory - and, since 1 October, a researcher at the UMCS and the ECOTECH-COMPLEX Centre - will take place on 15 November at 16:00. During the meeting, the scientist will talk about the offerings and services that radiocarbon laboratories can provide.

Dr Hajdas is a leading specialist in C14 dating worldwide. She has participated in many of the most important international projects using age-depth models and calibration curve preparation. Her impressive list of publications in Web of Science includes, among others, papers on climate cycles (so-called 'Bond events').

Anyone interested is invited to fill in the application form, which can be found here.


    Date of addition
    14 November 2022