Under the same regulations as Polish citizens

Candidates should:

  1. Register at UMCS Online Registration System (IRK);
  2. Fill in the necessary data (address, education, grades from the certificate of secondary education);
  3. Choose the field of study (it is possible to choose more than one field, but the highest priority should be given to the one which is more preferable);
  4. Upload scanned copies of the certificate of secondary education (or Bachelor's degree diploma for those applying to second-cycle studies) and a document confirming the candidate’s command of English language to the individual IRK profile.

    Note: documents have to be translated into Polish by a sworn translator (for documents, certificates, diplomas obtained abroad only).
    Database of sworn translators maintained by the Polish Ministry of Justice:

    ATTENTION: For a complete list of accepted English language certificates see Language Requirements.

  5. Make a payment for admission procedures: 85 PLN for every chosen programme (130 PLN in case of programmes from the Faculty of Fine Arts);
  6. Deliver the originals of all the necessary documents (listed below) within the specified period in case of admittance to the chosen programme(s).

List of the necessary documents:

  1. Personal questionnaire generated from the Internet Recruitment System;
  2. Original/duplicate of certificate of secondary education (in the case of applying for bachelor studies) or original/duplicate of bachelor diploma (in the case of applying for 2nd degree master studies) as well as a recognition certificate issued by a Board of Education in Lublin or any other board of education adequate for the place of residence of the person applying for the recognition certificate.

    ATTENTION: Consulate of the Republic of Poland residing in a country in which the candidate's certificate of secondary education was issued must legalise the documents in order to make their recognition in Poland possible. If the candidate's certificate of secondary education was issued in a country which is a party of the Hague Convention of 5 October 1961, the legalisation process is performed in a form of apostille located on or enclosed to the document. According to a proper international treaty, if a foreign certificate of secondary education may be accepted as equivalent to Polish certificate of secondary education, the recognition is not required. In this case, it is sufficient to provide the certificate with apostille affixed thereto. International Baccalaureate Diplomas (IB) as well as European Baccalaureate Diplomas (EB) are equivalent to Polish certificate of secondary education. In this case, the recognition process is not required. The recognition of university graduation diplomas is performed by a council of a basic organisational UMCS unit, authorised to grant doctorate degree.

  3. Confirmation that the applicant has a fluent command of English language.
  4. Insurance policy, European Health Insurance Card or the candidate's obligation to join a health insurance in National Health Fund. Immediately after starting education at UMCS.
  5. According to repatriation regulations, a foreigner of Polish origin can be insured by UMCS.
  6. Medical certificate (clean bill of health) establishing that there are no contraindications for the candidate to start education on the chosen faculty.
  7. A copy of a passport (the page with a photograph and a number), visa or temporary residence card or other document qualifying the candidate for staying within the territory of the Republic of Poland.
  8. A copy of a Polish Charter or other document allowing foreigner to apply to the programme following the regulations pertaining to Polish citizens.
  9. Two current ID card-style 35x45 mm photographs.

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