On a fee-paying basis

When to apply?

  1. There is only one intake per year.
  2. The admission period starts in May for the academic year commencing in October.
  3. The Online Registration System (IRK) opens on 16th April 2018.
  4. The application deadline for programmes taught in English is September, unless otherwise specified.
  5. The academic year starts on 1st October.
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Payment information

International students who wish to study on a fee-paying basis should not pay the tuition fee via the Online Registration System (IRK). The account number will be provided to applicants with the acceptance letter, after they have met all the criteria for admission.

International Students applying for admission on a fee-paying basis should not pay the application fee via the IRK system. The 200-euro admission fee is already included in the amount of the tuition fee in the first year of study.



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