Research & Development

Scientific research

Research, along with education, constitutes the most important sphere of university activity. UMCS conducts research at eleven Faculties and at the University’s interdisciplinary centers. These investigations bring numerous remarkable achievements and are the foundation for scholarly development of the academic staff. Every year ca. 40 doctoral and 20 postdoctoral degrees and 20 professorial titles are conferred at the University.

The UMCS academic personnel apply for research grants from the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, National Science Center, Foundation for Polish Science, conduct projects in consortia subsidized by the National Center for Research and Development, and from European Union funds as part of the Innovative Economy and the 7th EU Framework Programme as well as under Programmes for Research Cooperation with Switzerland, Norway, and USA. Each year the UMCS Faculties conduct about 150 research projects and several dozen projects to support young scholars.

The range of research subjects is extremely wide: scholars conduct work on groundbreaking inventions in life and health sciences, develop new diagnostic and treatment methods, construct innovative materials or equipment, analyze physicochemical, economic, social and cultural processes in the world, and conduct thorough observations of the environment and climatic changes, and field studies.

The outcome of their investigations is scientific publications: nearly four thousand annually at UMCS. Each year, the UMCS scholars hold 100 scientific conferences and attend ca. 1500 conferences at home and abroad. They are actively engaged in the Lublin Science Festival, during which they conduct shows, workshops, and lectures. Highly popular are science-promoting initiatives such as the Young Chemists’ Days, Biologists’ Night, or the Day of the Earth. Our researchers are an important expert group for government, local government, and non-governmental institutions: they act as experts, advisors, and sit on scientific and programme councils.

Today, our University is witnessing its extensive scientific, teaching and investment development. Further changes will be stimulated by the Development Strategy for 2012–2020. An important element will be to involve the best Master’s degree and doctoral students in research, to combine research with teaching, and to place emphasis on the practical aspects of training, which will provide an opportunity to conduct applied research projects, build a knowledge-based economy with the participation of enterprises and organizations in the University’s environment. Special emphasis will be put on supporting innovative research solution and the R&D cooperation between the University and industries in the areas of Lublin region’s smart specializations, in particular towards the development of bioeconomy.

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