Recruitment procedure

International PhD (3rd degree) Studies

Field of study: Chemistry
Study system: Full-time studies
Educational profile: General academic studies
Faculty: Faculty of Chemistry
Area of studies: Science studies

Qualification criteria

  1. Alumni of chemistry or the related studies may apply for the acceptance as PhD students of the International PhD Studies provided the program of undergraduate studies they completed comprised the learning outcomes suitable for the research carried out at the Faculty of Chemistry, candidates have a master’s degree (or equivalent) and completed the undergraduate 2nd degree studies with the average grade not lower than 3.5 (according to Polish grading system).
  2. Beneficiaries of Diamentowy Grant who do not have master’s degree but completed 1st degree (bachelor) studies or those continuing 5-year master studies consistent with the discipline of the International PhD Studies may also apply for the acceptance as PhD students of the International PhD Studies. Beneficiaries of Diamentowy Grant will be given maximum number of points provided they fulfill formal constraints of the recruitment procedure.
  3. International PhD Studies will be performed within a specialization connected to the research carried out at the Faculty in a field of:
(a)  inorganic chemistry,
(b)  organic chemistry,
(c)   physical and theoretical chemistry and
(d)  analytical chemistry.
  1. Enrolment criteria. Maximum number of points to be obtained is 100. This includes

(a)  an average grade from the undergraduate studies (5-year master studies or both 1st and 2nd degree studies). Maximum number of points is 40. The points are granted according to the following table:

Average grade


No of points

3.5 – 3.59


3.6 – 3.69


3.7 – 3.79


3.8 – 3.89


3.9 – 3.99


4.0 – 4.09


4.1 – 4.19


4.2 – 4.29


4.3 – 4.39


4.4 – 4.49


4.5 – 4.59


4.6 – 4.69


4.7 – 4.79


4.8 – 4.89


4.9 – 5.0


In the case of candidates from outside Poland the grades they obtained will be changed accordingly to grades effective in Poland (5, 4.5, 4, 3.5, 3, 2) and converted to the number of points according to the above table.

(b)  written test related to fundamentals of chemistry. Maximum number of points is 30,
(c)   interview. Maximum number of points is 30, including
  • evaluation of skills in English – up to 15 points (candidates submitting the B2 certificate obtain maximum number of points without evaluation),
  • evaluation of skills for general knowledge – up to 10 points,
  • evaluation of the to date candidate’s scientific achievements – up to 5 points
  1. Positive result of the recruitment procedure – minimum 45 points from all the above stages of the recruitment procedure.
  2. The ranking of candidates according to the overall number of points they obtained is made. If the overall number of candidates is greater than the adopted limit, those from the top of the ranking list will be accepted as PhD students. A decision about rejection of candidates who did not get the minimum number of 45 points will be issued.
  3. The final grade of the recruitment procedure is calculated as follows:

No of points


75.00 – 100.00


70.00 – 74.99


60.00 – 69.99


50.00 – 59.99


45.00 – 49.99


0 – 44.99


  1. International PhD Studies will start if the minimum number of qualified candidates is 8.
  2. Rector of the Maria Curie-Skłodowska University may make a decision about starting the International PhD Studies even if the number of qualified candidates is less than 8.

 The maximum number of students at the International PhD Studies is 10.

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