Recruitment procedure

1. Recruitment for the stationary full time Doctoral (PhD) Studies in Political Science (with English language of instruction) is based on the following qualification procedure:  

1.1     interview in English focused on the preliminary research projects of the candidate (evaluation 0 -7 points); ATTENTION! Candidates who are non-Polish nationals following the admission regulations not pertaining to Polish citizens should instead supply preliminary research project in English which they plan to focus on during their doctoral program; Recruitment Commission will assess the project (0-7 points);

1.2     evaluation of research achievements of candidate from previous university programs, such as publications, participation in conferences, activities in academic clubs and academic teams etc. (evaluation 0 -7 points);

1.3     evaluation of social activities of the candidate such as work in student government, participation in non-government organizations, additional language and professional qualifications etc.  (evaluation 0-7 points);

1.4     final grade from the university diploma in master’s program, points awarded will be calculated according to the following:

Final grade on the master’s diploma*

Points awarded


1 point

Satisfactory plus

2 points


3 points

Good plus


Very good

5 points

*In case of other then UMCS grading system on the candidate’s diploma, the UMCS Recruitment Commission will develop system of how to award the points according to the grades.   

2. Beneficiaries of the Diamond Grant program get awarded 5 points   and additionally undergo qualification procedure described in sections 1.1 - 1.3.

3. Candidate can gain up to 20 points during the qualification procedure.  Overall number of points obtained in the recruitment procedure will be converted into grades according to the following: 

 Number of points obtained in the recruitment procedure


Grade (scale 2-5)

0 – 10

Unsatisfactory (2)

11 – 12

Satisfactory (3)

13 – 14

Satisfactory plus (3,5)

15 – 16

Good (4)

17 – 18

Good plus (4,5)

19 – 20

Very good (5)

4. Candidate should provide a certificate of English language command on a B2+ level. Candidates whose mother tongue is English or candidate who are graduates of a master’s programs taught in English are excepted.  If the candidate is not able to supply a certificate Chairperson of the Recruitment Commission will organize an interview with the candidate to assess candidate’s fluency in English. 

5. Recruitment Commission forms the ranking list of the candidates according to the number of points from the recruitment procedure and admit candidate within the limit of places assigned to particular Faculty.   If two or more candidates at the end of the list have identical number of points   the Commission asks the Rector to raise the limit of available places to include all the candidates with the same number of points. 

6. Beneficiaries of the Diamond Grants who are graduates of the undergraduate programs but have no master’s degree or current are students of the master’s program in the field of humanities and social sciences can apply to the PhD Program in Political Science (in English).

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