Program Description

During new undergraduate studies of Business Management at Maria Curie-Skłodowska University students will be provided with high quality teaching, close contact with thorough social-sciences knowledge and its practical applications. Teaching staff of this new branch of studies is composed of the internationally recognized best scientists of the Maria Curie-Skłodowska University and invited visiting professors - known experts and scientists from other institutes in Europe, Asia and the USA.

The three-year Bachelor of Arts in Business Management study programme is designed for secondary school graduates interested in social sciences (including e.g.: economics, geography, history, law, political science, sociology, international studies, communication, etc.). It gives students an opportunity to gain knowledge of business management related to international markets and cultural changes. Much emphasis is placed on intercultural management skills, as well as on e-business operating rules. Students will acquire skills in three most important areas of modern international business: management styles (Asia, Europe, the USA), international finance and Management Information System applications. Other useful and more practical skills necessary in future managers activities will be developed by group projects, interpersonal trainings, international guests lectures, companies visits, etc. Most of work in form of group project is done during the first year of study. In the second and third year most of the courses will have individual character (e.g. diploma seminar and diploma project as well as the elective programmes – 570 school-hours each – titled: E-Business, and Human Resources Management). In sum the programme of all courses consists of over 1 800 school-hours, including more than 1000 school-hours of laboratories, and seminars. Training is given through: lectures, exercises, laboratory classes and projects on the social sciences branches in both classical and quantum domains. Detailed programme description is attached here: preliminary timetable

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